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DIY Wine Tasting

Sorrenti Family Estate’s

Pro Tips for Wine Tasting

1. Determine the order of your tasting

If your tasting will include both white and red wines, sample whites first, regardless of varietal. With less tannins than red, crisp white wines are a great start. Chardonnay and Pinot Grigio are two popular selections.

Next, move onto red wines and notice their heartiness in contrast. Consider trying Baco Noir, one of the first reds grown and bottled by the Sorrenti family.

After, should you be tasting sweet and fruit wines, now is the time to try those satisfying flavors! The candy-like sweetness of Watermelon Rose´ is a pure delight.

Close out your tasting with a dessert wine or spirit for something extra special. With notes of warm apple pie spice, this Apple Pie Lightening is like a dessert and spirit all in one!


2. Have some snacks on hand to cleanse your palate between samples and bring out flavor


Starches like crackers, pretzels, and popcorn can be found on tasting bars across the country and are a perfect place to start for your own DIY experience.


Hard cheeses go great with sweet, sparkling, medium red or bold red wines, while soft cheeses are ideal with sweet and sparkling wines as well as rich whites and dessert wines. Cured meats are sure to be a hit with all red wines.If you’re looking to stay on the lighter side, consider a vegetable crudité spread to compliment dry whites and sparkling.


3. Be ready to take notes

Wine tastings are fun AND informative! This is a great opportunity to take the time to explore your own palate and preferences. Who knows, you might surprise yourself and find a new favorite!

Grab a pencil and paper. Write down your observations on the look, smell and taste of each wine.


4. Purchase your favorite bottle either in store, online to pickup in store, or online to ship!

5. Pop open your bottle and enjoy a glass! Show the world how much you enjoyed your DIY Wine Tasting!

Wine Descriptions

Red Wines

The Sorrenti's lifelong commitment to viticulture and winemaking has led to the creation of the most refined Red Wines of the Poconos.

White Wines

The Sorrenti family has set the bar for winemakers in the area with it's owner studying at both the vineyard and UC Davis in California, perfecting his winemaking skills. Because of this knowledge and practice, our selection of White Wines have been crafted with elegance.

Blush Wines

Using vitis lambrusca, or French Hybrid grapes, Sorrenti's brings the rich flavors of Europe, here to the Poconos. Our Award-Winning selection of Blush Wines combines these rich flavors with smooth sweetness.

Fruit Wines

Made with 100% pure, locally sourced fruit, our Fruit Wines are light, sweet, and extremely low in sulfites.

Sparkling Wines

Our Sparkling Wines are typically equivalent to their Fruit Wine component. We add COto our Wines after they have been fermented, during the bottling process.


Our Spirits collection consists of different flavored Moonshines that pack a punch.

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