Our Pizzeria

Welcome to Mamma Lucia’s Pizzeria, named after our grandmother, Mamma Lu, who started the first brick oven pizzeria in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1943. Her restaurant was the talk of the town, and often seen with a long line that wrapped around the block; filled with guests waiting to taste the wonders of Lucia Sorrenti's Italian kitchen.


We are proud to serve you our one of a kind wood fired brick oven pizza. Our Le Panyol Oven uses the finest terre blanc de fornage, or “White Earth” bricks mined in France, and we fire your pizza at 750 degrees for a crispy crust and soft inside. Our tipo 00 flour is imported from Italy, and its fine mill yields a light dough, which is known for its digestive qualities.


Each recipe is based off a family tradition, and of our sauces are infused with Sorrenti Wines. Enjoy your meal! Boun Appetito!

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130 Lower Cherry Valley Rd
Saylorsburg, PA 18353
United States