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Snacks & Apps | Super Bowl Ideas!

Updated: Jan 26, 2023

Saluto, welcome 2023!

Full of wonderful things yet to come! New beginnings beckon us, as winter brings its season of cold, long-dark evenings filled with rich wines and savory dinners full of conversations or deserved alone time! While snow falls and temperatures drop, nature is peaceful, as we should be as well. New beginnings brings times of dreaming, creating and the excitement for a full glorious year ahead! Come along with us as we continue our “Wines from the Heart” journey from our wine country!

While during this colder season, we try to stay warm and enjoy cozy dinners inside, there are also reasons to entertain such as a sports event like the Super Bowl! Even for those not interested in sports, family and friends do join in for the food and the company resulting in a good time!

A few quick and easy apps and snacks

Wings are always a delicious suggestion and not to boast too much… but at our Mama Lucia's Pizzeria we have the best wings around. We not only have them available for dine in and takeout but for catering as well, prepared with great seasonings and sauces. Meatballs and various topping pizzas will satisfy your guest's palates for quick finger food as well. Adding in some of our fresh made sangrias to your food spread will bring an additional spark to the celebration!

Another idea to prepare is, of course, an awesome yet simple charcuterie board! Rather than a traditional ring bologna and cheese platter, fancy it up on a cutting board or flat decorative cardboard tray (dollar tree has them in silver and gold). Here a just a few suggestions, or use your taste bud imagination!!

2 Meats – such as salami, pepperoni or prosciutto

2 – 3 Cheeses – a good stilton, cranberry goat cheese, Boursin Garlic and Cheese, Cambozola,

or chipotle cheddar

1 -2 Jams/Spreads – apricot, orange, fig, or even raspberry

Add on– sliced grilled baguette, crackers, assorted fruits, veggies, nuts, olives or

sweet little gherkin pickles.

How about turning your table into a taco table! Spread out some brown paper (rolls can be found at a craft store) and/or aluminum foil, roll and cut it down to table size. Spread out nacho chips or taco shells, top with taco meats, cheeses, and all kinds of fun toppings. Don’t forget the salsa and sour cream too! It looks fun, festive and clean-up is very easy to – when finished, pack up any extra and roll up the paper and dispose in bag! For even easier set up and clean up – try a walking taco board or french fry board!

Also, for a fun beverage board for the underage, for those who love chocolate or as a dessert, hot chocolate board! Make a decadent-tasting cocoa recipe in your slow cooker to make prep easy! Set out an assortment on your board of fun toppings, candies, cookies, graham crackers, mini marshmallows and cinnamon or peppermint sticks for stirring, You could have some spirits for the adults who like to have it spiked! A themed designed mug for them to use and take home as a party favor adds a smile. Have an area at your sink with towels, so they can rinse and dry them off before they head out the door! Don’t forget our delicious White Spumante which is our January wine of the month – adds spark and sparkly to any occasion! 10% off till end of January!

Drink Sense

No matter what drinks you select to offer, be sure to have plenty of water, soda and juices for designated drivers and for those preferring non-alcoholic options. Think of the safety for your quests and others. Be sure that the amount of alcohol offered at your party is more than compensated for by amount of food available. We look forward to meeting up again next month as we have some great ideas for February. Don’t forget to please comment if you have any suggestions or ideas, we would love to hear from you!

Fino a quando ci incontriamo nuovamente! Until we meet again

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1 Comment

Feb 09, 2023

Snacks & appetizers is very interesting. I will try some of these ideas on Sunday

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