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What can I do when I visit Sorrenti Family Estate?

Wine & Spirits Tasting Room: You may purchase a wine or spirits tasting in our tasting room as well as wine bottles, spirit bottles, cocktails, snacks, and other merchandise. Our tasting room is located in the large tan building on the grounds. We have three experiences available in our tasting room:

1. Guided Wine Tasting: The $14 fee includes 6 samples, a wine glass and a bartender that explain all of our wines to you. Guided tastings are done indoor at the bar.

2. Wine Tasting Flight: a DIY tasting flight of 4 wines that is purchased at the bar and can be taken anywhere on the grounds or over to the pizzeria. The $14 fee includes 4 samples. 


Reservations only needed for groups 6+. Please visit our reservations page if you are a group over 6 in order to make a wine tasting reservation.

*Note that large groups will receive a set list of our top wines, and their tastings will be presented in a caddie*

3. Spirits Tasting Flight: a flight of 3 spirits and a shot glass for $14, a flight of 4 spirits and a shot glass for $16.  

Mamma Lucia's Pizzeria: Our pizzeria, which is located in a separate building on the estate, offers both dine-in and take out options. We have live music in the pizzeria Fridays 5-8pm (April - Oct) and Saturdays 5-8pm (all year) and Sundays 1-4pm (all year), which is offered on the deck or inside our pizzeria. We recommend that groups of all sizes utilize our reservation system if you do not want to wait for a table on the weekend. There is a $2 per person fee to hold a table - which is taken off your bill upon dining.

The Veranda & Outdoor Bar: We have seating outside the tasting room on our veranda, as well as at various picnic tables on the grounds. Enjoy your wine & spirits anywhere outside if you'd like! Drinks are served from the outdoor bar from May - October (or as weather permits) for those who prefer to remain outside! Please be mindful - no outside food is allowed. You may purchase snacks from our tasting room, or takeout from our pizzeria.

Is Sorrenti Family Estate children friendly?

Yes, of course! Our family welcomes yours. Soft drinks and food is available for kids. We appreciate you for watching and taking care of your young children while you are here. Please note that we ID guests who look under 30.

Is Sorrenti Family Estate pet friendly?

Yes, you may bring your pet on to our grounds, as long as they remain on a leash and you clean up after their waste and dispose properly. Only service animals are allowed indoors.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept all major credit cards, cash, and checks (must provide valid ID). 


Do you take reservations in your pizzeria?

Yes! Please click here to visit the external booking site for more information and to make a booking.

I would like to book a private tour of the winery. How much does it cost? How do I book it?

We are currently not scheduling tours. Please check back in 2023.


Do I need to make a reservation for a group wine tasting?

If the group is over 6 people we do suggest booking a group wine taste. The cost is $14 per person and includes a tasting, and a wine glass for each guest. *Note that large groups will receive a set list of our top wines, and their tastings may be presented in a box.* Please make your group wine tasting reservation here.

I'm part of a bridal group. What are your offerings?

We have both guided tastings and group wine tasting available! See above for details on each. Groups larger than 6 should make a group tasting reservation. Groups smaller than 6 are not required to reserve. If you would like a guaranteed seating area on the grounds you may book a seating nook on our veranda or gazebo, which seat from 1-10 guests. Please click here to for group tasting bookings and seating nook reservations.

I'm a tour operator and I'd like to bring my tours to your facility - do I need to book in advance?

Yes - you do. We have a special page for tour operators to utilize for bookings. Please call our tasting room at 570.992.2255.

Can I just show up with my group?

No. We do not recommend groups showing up without a reservation - you may be turned away if we are busy.

What is the code of conduct for my group?

Great question! Sorrenti Family Estate has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy for groups that appear to be intoxicated upon arrival. If your group is overly intoxicated, and not abiding by general standards of acceptance at a public facility, you will be asked to leave and your tasting fee will not be refunded.



Can I book my private event, party, or bridal shower at Sorrenti Family Estate?

Yes, we do rent out the pavilion for events! All information about the pavilion rental is available here. We also have our pizza truck available for renting, all information is available here


Do you offer gluten free selections? 

Yes, we do have gluten free crusts available, as well as various salads and cheese platters that are gluten free. We do bake the pizza on a surface that has been exposed to gluten, so it is not recommended for those with celiac.

Is the regular pizza and gluten free pizza crust contain eggs?

No, neither of our crusts contain eggs.

Do you offer vegetarian options?

Yes, please visit our menu to see your options. Pizzas can also be made vegetarian or vegan on request.

Do you take reservations in your pizzeria?

Yes! Please click here to visit the external booking site for detailed information and to make your booking.

Do you have live music in your pizzeria?

Yes! We currently offer free live music year round on Saturdays from 5-8pm and Sundays from 1-4pm. During high season from April - October we also offer music Fridays from 5-8pm. View our live music schedule here.



How long has the Sorrenti Family owned and operated Sorrenti Family Estate?

Over 40 years! Mary and Dominic began the business in 1981.


What is the difference between Sorrenti Family Estate and Cherry Valley Vineyards?

There is no difference. About 15 years ago the family decided to incorporate their name into the title of the business, in the hopes of creating a brand that would house more than just a winery in the future (pizzeria, future distillery, etc.). The ownership has never changed hands.

Why are wines unavailable sometimes? Why don’t we always carry the same varieties?

We don’t always have the same wines available, because, due to the weather of each season, some grapes may be more available than others. Also, because of the limited size of our winery, we only have enough storage for about half of our varieties, so it is not always possible to carry each type of wine ALL of the time. Supply and demand also plays into factor - we like to carry wines that our customers love, and to experiment with new wines that people may enjoy. 


Do you have live music at Sorrenti Family Estate?

Yes! We currently offer free live music year round in our pizzeria, on Saturdays from 5-8pm and Sundays from 1-4pm. During high season from April - October we also offer music Fridays from 5-8pm. View our live music schedule here.

Are you accepting applications for new musicians?

We book out our schedule in full one year in advance. However, feel free to submit your information in the contact form below for consideration. PS. If you include links to your website and current rates, you will have a better chance of a call back!


What is the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge & where is it?

In 2010, Mary and Dominic Sorrenti sold 187 acres of land to the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge. his was the first parcel in the reserve, and the land has been proclaimed to host hundreds of unique species of wildlife, and is home to the endangered Bog Turtle. The entrance to the park is located alongside the winery, behind the fence. The trailhead is about 150 meters from the winery’s parking lot. Our guests are invited to partake in exploring the reserve and learning about the significance, diversity, and importance of the Wildlife Refuge.

What else can I do in the area?

There are a number of things to do nearby! In addition to the beautiful nature nearby, we are next door to a popular local flea market, an outdoor corn maze which operates in the fall, and a haunted house! Visit the Pocono Mountains official tourism website or Discover NEPA for a complete list of attractions in the area.

Current Hours

Wine & Spirits Tasting Room:

11 - 7 Sunday - Thursday

11 - 8 Friday - Saturday


12 - 8 Sunday

12 - 9 Monday - Saturdays

*These are our Spring 2024 Hours*

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