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Red Wines

Red Wine

Cabernet Sauvignon

Dry - Semi-Dry, Oak-Aged

Burgundy in color, the tannins and nuttiness are brimming out of the bottle. Look for a warm, flavor, reminiscent of roasted chestnuts, followed by a light fruity finish.

Excellent with a hearty Italian meal.

Red Wine

Kittatinny Red

Semi-Sweet (if served room temperature can be Semi-Dry)

A blend of oak aged French hybrid and sweet Concord grapes. The result is the perfect table or “pizza” wine. This wine can be served icy cold to bring out the sweetness or slightly chilled for a drier experience. Add citrus fruits and orange juice to this wine for a top notch Sangria!

blackberry noir.jpeg
Red Wine

Blackberry Noir

Semi-Sweet (if served room temperature can be Semi-Dry)

A blend between blackberry fruit wine and Cabernet Sauvignon and Marachel Foch , aged shortly in American Oak to enhance the flavor of both. A great holiday wine or something for the casual wine drinker who enjoys the flavor of fruit to enhance the dry red wine drinking experience. Serve chilled to bring out more of the fruit and room temperature to bring out the tannins in the oak.

baco noir.jpeg
Red Wine

Baco Noir

Dry, Oak Aged

A light, smooth red wine that is most similar to the Italian “Chianti.” It has the essence of cloves on your tongue when you first sip. One of the first reds grown and bottled by the Sorrenti family. 

Red Wine

Dad's Dream


The sweetest red in stock, with a fruit forward grape flavor. Think of eating grapes of the vine, or drinking Welch’s grape juice. Good base for making a sweet red Sangria. Most similar in flavor to a port wine (although it is not fortified and has a lesser alcohol content than a port).

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