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Calling All Chocolate Lovers

Calling all chocolate lovers! Have you tried Sorrenti Family Estate’s Choco Vino wine-infused chocolate truffles yet? For sale in our wine shop and online store, each Choco Vino box contains four decadent Belgian chocolate truffles infused with different Sorrenti wines: Maple Apple Moonshine, Blackberry Noir, Raspberry Blush, and Honey Champagne.

Wine and chocolate have always been natural flavor partners. There is something so inexplicably satisfying about enjoying both at the same time.

Now, imagine the taste of one of these wine-infused truffles, paired with a glass of wine, maybe while sitting outside on a summer night. Talk about a relaxing “treat yourself” moment. Look for the chocolate boxes embossed with gold foil the next time you visit Sorrenti Family Estate and try one for yourself! They also make for unique and thoughtful gifts.

We partnered with our friends at the Vermont Truffle Company to create Choco Vino truffles. As a small business founded in 2013, the Vermont Truffle Company is passionate about the artistic qualities of chocolate-making. Owners Stephen and Anna Montanez work to create unique handmade truffles out of top-quality ingredients. The result is a one-of-a-kind creation that you will not find anywhere else. Sorrenti Family Estate is proud to partner with fellow small businesses and impassioned makers to bring you unique, quality products to feel good about.

P.S. ~ Still have a sweet tooth? We are known for other dessert items like Mary Sorrenti’s famous cheesecake, available in both plain and chocolate, boozy chocolate wine cake, tiramisu, and cannoli. Yum!

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