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Gratitude for our Community

At Sorrenti Family Estate, our motto has always been “wine from the heart.” Well today, our hearts are absolutely bursting with gratitude for the support this community has shown us, from the start of our business, and particularly during these last couple months.

Thank you for being loyal customers and friends. Thank you for your adapting with us: for all your pickup orders at our impromptu wine window, your delivery orders, and now your return to our grounds as we launch socially distant outdoor dining (oh, 2020, aren’t you a special year).

We have been overwhelmed and inspired by all of the kind words and positive messages in response to our reopening. The Sorrenti Family Estate community – our staff, customers, followers, and friends – are a kind-hearted, loyal, fun-loving, adventurous, kind-of-kooky bunch of folks, and trust us, we wouldn’t want to have it any other way.

Here are just a few of your wonderful comments that put a BIG smile on our faces:

I live in Arizona now, so I can’t enjoy your amazing outdoor dining but I am so happy that others can! ❤️” – Nicole

I am SOOOOO HAPPY 2 hear this.” – Tania

This makes me so very happy!!!! I have been looking forward to that delicious pizza and your blood orange wine ❤❤❤❤” – Andrea

BEST WINERY around!!!” – Kristin

You guys did an amazing job. I was there last week and can’t wait to return and enjoy the facility now that you will reopen.” – Nilma

Wahooooooo! Love your wines!” - Marie

So exciting! I miss your gluten free pizza and your great Sangria.” – Joan

“Outdoor dining. Just what the doctor ordered.” – Sheryl

Love you guys 💖” – Kelly

Wow! What else can we say: from the bottom of our hearts, the feeling is mutual! Cheers to the start of summer and to a new chapter together.

Looking to become more involved with Sorrenti Family Estate?

Ask about our Connoisseur Club: members get exclusive perks like special wine discounts. Inquire online or speak to one of our staff members on your next visit.

Did you know we sell gift cards? The purchase of a gift card helps us immensely while we are operating at a limited capacity. Get one for yourself as a future treat or spread the love!

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