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Join us on our "Wines from the Heart" Journey

Buongiorno! (Hello) 

For those who are not familiar with Cherry Valley Vineyards, now known as Sorrenti Family

Estate, our humble beginnings started in 1981. With less than 100 wineries in Pennsylvania,

and none in the Poconos, we decided to take our experience and knowledge of wines, food and

wellness with incorporating hard work and the labor of love, began the roots of our wine

philosophy – “Wines from the Heart”. Our deep history of food and wine comes from our

ancestors in Italy, as well as travels to France to help grow our knowledge of winemaking.  

We thought it would be interesting for you all to enjoy what we have learned and experienced

from being in the wine, food and wellness industry for over 41 years by covering topics such as

expanding your wine and spirits palate, love of food, and the matchmaking of the two, that

pairs well with you, your family and friends.  

So come along and join us on this fun and exciting journey that will certainly expand your "labor of love” with good taste!!  Should you have any questions or want us to expand additionally on

featured topics or one that sparks your interest, please note in our comments section or send an email to:

Let’s start off with a few tidbits!

Wine Storage

Different packaging requires different care!

  • Screw Caps - most do contain enough sulfite to hold in bottle. However, not for aging serve at desired coolness. Some believe that screw caps are a cheaper alternative to cork tops but actually caps are best used for easy drinking wines and cost more. They do assist in preserving wines flavors and freshness.

  • Heavy high tannic Vinera Reds best enjoyed after years in a temperature humidity -controlled wine cellar. Usually high-end Zinfandels and Cabernets are in this category. This requires a cork as wine needs to breathe as it ages. (No chemicals)

  • All others keep on side in a coolish area (no sun.) and plan to use them sooner than later and serve at cooler temperature and let breathe. We love pouring into a decorative pitcher and chill a little. Our Cayuga served this way is a crowd party pleaser. Our Dechaunac also serves well this way too. Less tannins makes it drinkable faster. Chilling temps and decanting is nice, improves wine, and it’s also about enhancing the enjoyment of your purchase, and maximizing the potential. Understanding aging is complex. Usually if one decants and aerates for some time and puts in carafe in refrigerator for a while, can super improve it. Best to serve dry reds at cellar temperature (they were produced in) which is generally 20 degrees cooler than room.


While we can still enjoy the fruits of the summer for a few weeks, as we welcome in the beautiful Fall season, here are a few entertaining ideas utilizing the beautiful watermelon. Lucky for us, watermelon comes with great health benefits too! Watermelon is high in antioxidants such as Vitamin C, Lycopene (aids with sun protection, improved heart health), Beta-Carotene (good for skin & eyes) and Phenolic Antioxidant (nutrients act as anti-inflammatory agents & can generate free radicals which contribute to the slowing down the negative impacts of oxidants), all of which help with cancer prevention. Nice for those dieting too!

Watermelon Picnic

Chunk watermelon (super cold), place in rock glass and fill with wine and a shot of spirits (like our Watermelon Lightning!). Really pretty! We also have Watermelon wine that is another great suggestion to use as the wine to add the summer sweetness to it!!  

Pasta & Wine Pairing on a Hot Day

Instead of a Red Wine when serving tomato-laced pasta, pair it with a crisp dry white wine such as our Pinot Grigio – perfecto!! Tomatoes, although juicy, they can be naturally acidic which gives them that tangy delicious flavor, so you need to pair well with wines that will mirror their acid profile. The dish will look bright, fresh and be full of flavor!

Divertiti! (Enjoy!) 

Fino a quando ci incontriamo nuovamente! (Until we meet again!)

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