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October | Apple Recipes & The Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge

Updated: Nov 22, 2022


With recent crisp cool days and the start of changing colors we welcome the stagione autunnale (autumn season) along with seasonal food fruits and vegetables to enjoy! Warm days do sneak in and provide great moments to enjoy beautiful hikes and walks to admire the foglie (leaves) as they change from verde to rosso, arancione and giallo (red, orange and yellow). You never know what other adventurous sightings you may capture while you are out in nature.

Did you know that in 2010 Dominick and Mary Sorrenti, founders of the Vineyard sold 184 acres around the Winery and Pizzeria, that includes the headwaters of Cherry Creek, an "emergent wetland," and steep ridges covered with hardwood forest. This made it possible for it to be the first land acquisition of the federally designated Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge.

Mary Sorrenti always considered the area sacred, so come, unplug and explore our natural surroundings. Stop by the Winery‘s Tasting Room and Pizzeria afterwards to end the adventure in a delicious way. More information about the trail can be found on this website along with trail map. Trail parking is located right outside the Winery gate and entrance to the trail.

APPLE WINE OF THE MONTH - 10% off Bottle

Featuring our delish Apple Wine which was Dominic Sorrenti’s apple dreams with a meaningful story behind it. As a young boy he traveled from Italy with his parents, and began a family in Wisconsin. Unfortunately, as a young man, he lost his dear loved ones. He would lie in bed crying at night for his loss and dreamed of having a loving wife, a family and Apple Orchards to share life with. Well, along came Mary….22 years his junior, he took one look at her, as a strong vibrant woman, and saw a future of love & babies! His sister helped him acquire a run-down old farm in Pennsylvania, and planted 500 Apple Trees and from there started forever after – our Apple Wine! Showing gratitude for these precious apple trees, in addition, baked apple pies, canned applesauce and shared with everybody especially his growing family.

Some health benefits of our lovely friend the APPLE!

Chewing an apple can do wonders. When including eating apples in your diet, your mouth will get used to producing more saliva due to the sweet and tender texture of an apple. When your mouth produces more saliva, it helps slow down tooth decay. While it won't correct already bad teeth, the chewing of an apple does help with cleaning and shining and saliva protects the surface of the teeth. Additionally, apples only have natural sugars within them. Nice!!!

Also, apples help in protection against Parkinsons, strengthening the immune system, detoxifying the liver, defender of cancer, and so much more!

Check out these delish recipes to enjoy this Autumn season from our founder, Mary Sorrenti!

Hot Mulled Apple Wine

Quantities are your choice!

Nice in crockpot and makes the house smell wonderful.

Mulling Mix (Sachet bag) add more if you love a Spicier flavor!

1 stem of fresh ginger - grated (amount to your taste)

Little bit of grated orange peel is nice to add too

Fresh apple cider (use more if you like sweetness)

Heat low as not to burn off alcohol

Serve with a shot of Apple Lightning or Brandy, whipped cream, sprinkle with cinnamon and garnish with a cinnamon stick!

We have the Mulling Mix Sachet Bags, Apple Lightening and Apple Wine can be purchased in our Tasting Room.

Apple Cider Donut Cake

1 Box Yellow Cake Mix

3/4 cup Apple Wine

1/2 cup Chunky or Regular Applesauce

3 Eggs - beaten

1 Tbsp of cinnamon

Mix and pour into bundt pan and bake at 350 degrees for 25 minutes.

Drizzle on finished cake:

1 tbsp brown sugar

1/4 cup melted butter

1 tsp vanilla

All mixed together

Then dust with a mix of:

2 tbsp cinnamon

1/4 cup sugar

Divertiti! (Enjoy!)

Fino a quando ci incontriamo nuovamente! (Until we meet again!)

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