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Wildlife Around the Winery

Updated: May 27, 2020

There are a few things in this world that are unarguably excellent. Authentic wood-fired pizza? Yes. Refreshing boozy-fruit soaked sangria? Yes. Fresh air rolling along a picturesque valley that protects federally threatened turtles? Absolutely Yes!

If you are nodding your head along with us, it is time to make a trip out to Sorrenti Family Estate: Winery, Distillery and Pizzeria. Sorrenti Estate delivers the culinary comforts of Italy in the heart of the beautiful Pocono mountains.

Come for the delicious Italian heritage, stay for the stunning scenery! Immediately next to Sorrenti Estate is a nationally recognized wildlife refuge. In fact, an entrance to the refuge is located alongside the Estate’s property, tucked behind a fence. Residents of the Valley and natural conservationists know that these grounds are special. Now, we invite you to make a day out of your next visit to Sorrenti Estate and explore our neighbor’s natural beauty.

Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge is a breathtaking outdoor recreation and conservation area located in eastern Pennsylvania, along the Kittatinny Mountain Ridge.

The refuge was established in 2008 to ensure the protection of critical wetlands, a habitat important to the federally threatened bog turtle as well as migrating raptors and songbirds, amphibians and a range of other wildlife. In addition to the wetlands, a forest habitat supports breeding populations of important migratory bird species. The refuge lands are open for public recreation and offer unique opportunities to view wildlife, hike, and even cross-country ski. A trailhead is about 150 meters from Sorrenti Estate’s parking lot.

Try our Kittatinny Red, a homage to this local area.

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