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Pro Tips: Grill Out for the Dads!

Sure, ladies’ night is a sacred thing around Sorrenti Family Estate, but this weekend it is all about the men in our lives! Father’s Day is right around the corner and that means a grill out celebration.

Sorrenti Family Estate’s founder, Dominic Sorrenti, learned the art of winemaking from his Southern Italian father and then continued this legacy with his own sons. We are excited to bring a little bit of our family to yours, by sharing some tips sure to make this Father’s Day a hit!

Wine and Grill Pairings 101

Red Wine + Steak = Bitter + Fat = Robust, Elevated & Delicious

Our red of choice to enjoy alongside grilling up a steak is Baco Noir. A light, smooth red wine that is most similar to the Italian “Chianti,” Baco Noir is dry, oak aged, and gives off of a hint of cloves as you take the first sip.

White Wine + Salmon = Acid + Richness = Light, Balanced & Refreshing

To make your grilled salmon sing, our white of choice is a cold glass of Cayuga. A crisp, clean white wine similar to a Pinot Grigio, Cayuga is smooth with a pristine, citrus finish.

Grilling not on the menu this year? Stop by Sorrenti Family Estate Winery Distillery and Pizzeria for our "WINGS, BEER & MOONSHINE" Father's Day Special:

*12 wings (smothered in Sorrenti Moonshine Wing Sauce) + a pitcher of ice cold beer: $22.00

*A zippy bottle of Apple Lightning + 1 Margherita pizza: $45.00

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