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Recipes: Salute Spiked Grapes!

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

With summer weather right around the corner, you will love the sweet and refreshing taste of our Salute Spiked Grapes, using Sorrenti Family Estate’s Salute Sparkling Wine! Notes of honeysuckle, pear and melon from the Salute Sparkling Wine add an extra layer of flavor to this delicious and simple treat.

To make Salute Spiked Grapes, you will need:

2 pounds of green grapes

1 bottle of Salute Sparkling Wine

4 ounces of vodka

½ cup sugar


Wash grapes and put them in a large bowl. Pour your bottle of Salute Sparkling Wine along with the vodka over the grapes. Let the grapes soak up all of this boozy goodness in the fridge for at least one hour. Then, drain the grapes in a colander and pat dry, transfer to a small baking sheet, and pour the sugar on top. Shake the pan back and forth so the grapes get nicely acquainted with the sugar. Serve in a bowl, and most importantly, ENJOY!

Sorrenti Family Estate’s Salute Sparkling Wine is a semi-dry prosecco style wine made with 90% Cayuga and 10% Seyval grapes. Purchase a bottle today at our tasting room’s curbside pickup or at PA Wegmans Grocery Store.

Let’s get social! Make it a party by taking a picture of your spiked grapes and tagging us @sorrentifamilyestate

*Note: Salute Spiked Grapes recipe was adapted from Delish’s Prosecco Grapes

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