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Holiday Tips & Tricks | Quick & Easy!

Buone vacanze!

Happy Holidays!

Happy holidays from our place to yours! What a wonderful and magical time of the year! We wish you and your loved ones, a safe and healthy holiday and the very best as you make your journey into the New Year!

Reflection and preparation are usually what many of us do as we close out one year and eagerly anticipate a fresh new year of opportunities. If it was a rough one for you, don’t let that lie heavy on your heart. If you are like many of us, who make a list of new year resolutions, only to realize a few weeks later, that you didn’t follow through and start to feel like you failed yourself. On the contrary, it just was not the right time. Just remember you can start over whenever you want. Every new day is another chance! Enjoy each day, the little gifts that you find on your path, don’t let unnecessary stress get you down! Stop in and see us at the Winery and Mama Lucia Pizzeria, we will lift your spirits!!

Add holiday Spice to your Holiday!

Yes, our Holiday Spice is our featured Wine of the Month! An easy on the palate holiday wine that brings a subtle yet flavorful spice to every dish and festive celebration. Pairs well with all cheeses too!

Simple and Stress Free Entertaining

Baking, cooking, cleaning, shopping and all the other items we need to prepare for to check off our to-do list, the last thing you need is more stress with entertaining. Here are some very easy and delicious recipes, décor tips and game ideas for warm, cozy festivities.


Simplistic Decor

For some flare – add some different colored ribbons around the flute and wine glasses as markers if you don’t have any wine charms handy.

Food place cards– use some wine corks to add a place card for the food item or ingredient list

Nature tablescape – don’t forget to see what is right in your own backyard. If you have some greenery or holly berries, snip a few and place around your table with some branches (can spray paint white if you like) placed top of a few small-medium sized mirrors. You can even roll out brown wrapping paper down or if you have an old door mirror – use that as the table top and dress it all up!! Add some candles or better yet battery operated candles for safety measures around greenery. Simple and beautiful with the lovely reflection from the mirrors too. For New Year’s you can throw on some confetti and candles – so easy and festive!

New Year's Eve & Day Fun

While we have some traditions we do over the Holidays, New Years is a good time to try something new. Here are a few games New Year’s Eve that were found awhile back in a Real Simple Magazine – going to try these this year!!

See the future – add some interesting objects to a colorful box or gift bag, such as gold chocolate coin (for money), small train or airplane (for travel), a mini paint set (new digs), a ring (love), you get the idea! Whatever your whimsy! Have each person reach in to pick a fortune!!

A New Year postcard – each guest fills out a postcard with their address on the front and on the back have them write something they will have pleasure doing in the New Year (such as a fun event with a loved one, or forming a new friendship, or reading more books). Collect the postcards and mail them out to them a month later to remind them of their promise to themselves in the New Year.

Thank you for a great year in being our friends and family. Looking forward to connecting here each month in our New Year 2023. Come along for the adventure!!

Buon Natale Merry Christmas

Fino a quando ci incontriamo nuovamente! Until we meet again


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